My path to psychotherapy started from the client's chair. That experience made me realize how life can be much more satisfying if you truly get to know yourself and finally understand why certain things are happening to you.

I have passed psychotherapist training in family therapy and finished my studies in Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy (EFT) and Solution-Focused Coaching (ICF). I have a doctoral degree in social sciences, but I feel that I can help people better in their personal relationships. I am also a member of the Estonian Family Therapy Association and a trainer at the No Kids in the Middle program. 

As a therapist, I feel myself doing the right thing. I am straightforward and demanding as a person, balancing it with warmth  and support. My everyday experience has shown that in order to make changes, one needs to be encouraged to step out of their comfort zone, and for doing that, mere listening is not enough.